Hung & Hwang LLP | Practice Areas
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Practice Areas

Real Estate

Purchasing, selling, or refinancing a residential property is often the most significant investment for our clients, which is why it is important to find trusted representation to ensure you are aware of the legal implications of real estate transactions. We will be glad to assist with your residential closing, whether it is with the purchase or sale of a house or condominium, primary residence or investment property (including single and multi-units), pre-construction home or resale home, or cottage.


We are also able to represent you in the sale, purchase or refinancing of commercial properties including retail, multi-unit and industrial real estate. Our firm will provide experienced legal representation and guide you through complex commercial property transactions in order to provide you with the most effective and desired outcome.

Our residential real estate services include:

  • Purchase of Residential Properties
  • Purchase of Residential Condominium Units
  • Sale of Residential Properties
  • Sale of Residential Condominium Units
  • Purchase and Sale of Land
  • Refinance of Residential Properties
  • Private Mortgages
  • Transfer of Title
  • Preparation and review of Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Property Assignment
  • Preparation and review of Lease
  • Home Owner Title Insurance


Our commercial real estate services include:

  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Properties
  • Refinance of Commercial Properties
  • Review of Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Review of leases and/or tenancy agreements
  • Service contracts and employment contracts
  • Joint Venture, Co-ownership and Partnership Agreements

Business and Corporate Law

The purchasing or selling of a business is a critical and important transaction. We assist our clients in navigating through the complexities of the process, including choosing the most suitable business structure for the company and its divisions.  We can provide legal advice on issues including personal liability, tax and financial implications to the business.

Our business and corporate legal services include:

  • Purchase and Sale of a Business
  • Purchase and Sale of Assets or Shares
  • Negotiating Offers and Letters of Intent for a Business
  • Incorporation of Corporations with or without share capital
  • Forming of Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Business Registration
  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
  • Corporate Record Maintenance
  • Partnership Dissolution Agreements

Wills & Estates

It is important to have a will to ensure you provide a clear declaration as to the manner in which your estate is to be distributed. Having a will allows you to control who your beneficiaries and executors are, and also reduces taxes payable and the cost of administering your estate. Without a will, the law of intestacy applies on how your assets will be distributed. We can assist in preparing wills and power of attorney documents to provide clarity in the distribution of assets and properties.

Our wills and estates services include:

  • Preparation of wills
  • Preparation of powers of attorney for property and personal care
  • Estate planning
  • Estate administration